Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I find this really cool because I love "A Clockwork Orange"
This is from the Nadsat dictionary, the slang used in the movie

Meaning Origins
Appypolly loggy Apology School boy speak
Baboochka Old woman Russian: babooshka/grandmother
Baddiwad Bad School boy speak
Banda Band Russian: banda/band, gang
Bezoomy Mad Russian: byezoomiyi/mad, insane
Biblio Library Russian: biblioteka/library
Bitva Battle Russian: bitva/battle
Bog God Russian: Bog/God
Bolnoy Sick Russian: bolnoy/sick
Bolshy Big Russian: bolshoy/big
Bratchny Bastard Russian: vnyebrachnyi/illegitimate
Bratty Brother Russian: brat/brother
Britva Razor Russian: britva/razor
Brooko Belly Russian: bryukho/abdomen
Brosay Throw Russian: brosat/to throw
Bugatty Rich Russian: bogaty/wealthy
Cal Shit Russian: kal/excrement, faeces
Cancer Cigarette Standard slang term: ie. cancer stick

Will update...